Introducing the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership

WHAT are the aims of the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership?

  • To multiply evangelical churches in Yorkshire
  • To provide evangelical training in Yorkshire
  • To increase evangelical co-operation in Yorkshire

HOW are we planning to meet these aims?

1. We aim to multiply evangelical churches...

  • By spearheading  church planting conversations  
  • By supporting church planting initiatives
  • By sharing church planting wisdom

2. We aim to provide evangelical training...

  • By running high-quality, half-day conferences for church leaders and workers
  • By running a high-quality day conference for everyone

3. We aim to increase evangelical cooperation…

  • By providing resources for mutual prayer 
  • By fostering trust between evangelical church leaders

WHY do we bother?

The Bible convicts and compels us to act in these ways. Our core commitments are found here: Doctrinal Basis


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