Sometimes we find the Bible a perplexing book, not so much because the central message can't be grasped but because it seems a different world to ours. Take Paul's letters to the Corinthians: what is all that stuff about head coverings, wild parties at the Lord's Supper, men not praying with head coverings?

To help us enter into the world of the Bible so the Bible can enter into our world, Dr Richard Hawes will be giving a series of 4 illustrated talks over the Lent period 'Introducing the World of the NT'. This is a must for anyone wanting to get serious about applying the Bible for today.



Purpose of the New Testament World Series


Lecture 1: Government, City & Society
Lecture 2: Philosophy, Education & Rhetoric
Lecture 3: Religion, Magic & Superstition
Lecture 4: Households, Marriage and Family



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More about Richard Hawes


Richard is a Ministry Assistant at St John Newland responsible for writing small group Bible Study material, biblical research and bridging the gap between academic theological studies and the church.

Richard began a BA in Biblical studies at Sheffield University in 2000 eventually gaining a PhD in Biblical studies (Old Testament) in 2010. He has been involved in small group ministry for the last 10 years at a church in Sheffield, as well as working for a year with UCCF as an Associate Staff Worker with responsibilities for theological students. Richard also currently teaches on the Yorkshire Training course and is the secretary for the Biblical Archaeology forum of the Tyndale Fellowship.

Richard is Married to Helen (a local GP) and has two children Rose (b. 1998) and Thomas (b. 2005). Richard enjoys historical wargaming, board gaming and cooking. The whole family are also members of the the English Civil War reenactment society the Sealed Knot.