Church Planting Resources

 Multiplying Churches
 edited by Steve Timmis
 (Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2000)


Are you really being salt and light in your community if people commute to church? Can a church be planted? How do we reach our generation? Incisive chapters on the theology of church planting, the principles for multiplying effective gospel-centred churches, and a fascinating look at the history of church planting help us to see the possibilities. Contemporary examples of church planting initiatives are used. This will stimulate readers to put church planting at the centre of their thinking. With contributions from Steve Timmis, Tim Thornborough, Tim Chester and Roger Welch.


 The Gospel-Centred Church
 by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester
 (The Good Book Co., 2002)



Gospel ministry is much more than evangelism. It is about shaping the whole of our church life and activities by the content of and imperatives of the gospel. it is about ensuring that our church or group is motivated by and focused on the gospel, as opposed to our traditions, or the scores of other worthy causes and needs that could fill our time. The principles contained in this workbook are an attempt to articulate what a true gospel ministry might look like. They are principles that can be worked out in a range of situations, from a Sunday school or youth work to a whole congregation. This work book is not a recipe for success, but is rather designed to help clarify our thinking about how to be more faithful to God's saving message - not only in what we say, but in how we live our lives as the people of God. Steve Timmis and Tim Chester are both members of The Crowded House.


 "The deliberate church" (building your ministry on the gospel)
 by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander
 (Crossway. 2005)



Dever and Alexander provide a model of a biblical church in this resource for pastors, elders, and others interested in the vitality of their church. This highly practical book proposes an attitude of complete reliance on and submission to the Gospel in building a healthy church.


 Chameleon or Tribe
 by Richard Keyes
 (IVP 1999)



An excellent analysis Christian culture within Western culture! Keyes challenges churches to be authentically Christian.


Finding faith today – how does it happen?
by John Finney
(Bible Society 1992)

Finney’s report investigates and reviews how people come to faith. A great read that encourages us to get back to the basics.


 Hope for the church
 by Bob Jackson
 (Church House Pub. 2002)



An important and uncomfortable book (especially for Anglicans) that helps us strategise for gospel growth.


The life-cycle of reproducing churches
by Bob and Mary Hopkins

This little booklet is very helpful for understanding the life-cycle of a church plant – from conception to maturity. Hard to get hold of! Contact the Wilson Carlisle Church Army College in Sheffield.

 Becoming conversant with the emerging church
 by D A Carson
 (Zondervan 2005)



Following our deep desire to be culturally relevant can lead to a loss of theological      bearings. Carson brilliantly analyses some of the recent church trends in the west and weighs them in the light of the Bible and gospel. This book very helpfully shows the right way forward: Robustly faithful to the gospel and culturally relevant to the world. A must read for any church planter.


 Growth Groups
 by Colin Marshall
 (The Good Book Company 1995)



This course is aimed at the training of small-group leaders but the insights its gives are incredibly helpful for the church planter: Preparing and leading Bible studies, prayer, making disciples, selecting and developing leaders and strategising for evangelism.


 Planting churches cross-culturally
 by David Hasselgrave
 (Baker Books 2000)



This is an extremely practical guide on the principles and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of church planting. Although written for cross-cultural work, most of it apples to any church planting situation. It’s a great friend to have with you as you venture off doing something you’ve not done before - like planting a church!


The Sheffield Centre, Wilson Carlisle College, 50 Cavendish Street, Sheffield S3 7RZ  Tel. 0114 279 5863

The Sheffield Centre is part of the Anglican outfit The Church Army.  Headed up by George Lings it provides all sorts of resources and courses on church planting. Not everything will be your ‘cup of tea’ but The Sheffield Centre is strong on cultural relevance and pools a variety of church planting stories from across the UK.